Driver Check - Is your client legally allowed to drive?

Check your client is legally allowed to drive the vehicle simply by entering the licence number, version, and a full name.

Driver Check allows and real-time and instant query on any NZ driver license to ensure they are current, and licensed for the type of vehicle they are looking to drive or finance.

Confirm the following instantly:

Learner, Restricted or Full licence
Disqualified or suspended?
Which type of vehicles? (car, motorcycle, heavy truck, etc)
Transaction date2-Mar-2010 9:38:13
UserDamon Development - MotorWeb Development
Driver's licence BQ123456/870
  Current licence



Classes, endorsements and conditions

Car (class 1)Full, Current7-Dec-2009 - 12-Jan-2020
Motorcycle (class 6)Learner, Current7-Dec-2009 - 12-Jan-2020
Correcting lenses must be used at all times while driving (B)Current7-Dec-2009

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Driver check status key

Current Current
Cancelled Cancelled (e.g. driver has passed away)
Disqualified Disqualified
Expired Expired
Requalify Requalify
Suspended Suspended (e.g. road side suspension or exceeded demerit points)
Voluntarily surrendered Voluntarily surrendered
Limited Limited (e.g. court has allowed limited driving after disqualification)
Revoked Revoked (e.g. medical reasons)
Surrendered Surrendered
Not Upgraded Not Upgraded (e.g. driver has not upgraded from old style paper licence)
Prohibit passengers Prohibit passengers (e.g. paying passenger endorsement is prohibited)
Reinstate Reinstate (e.g. must re-apply after being disqualified)
No active status - contact NZTA No active status - contact NZTA