WOF Plus™ - WOF Reminders

Send your Warrant of Fitness reminder cards to your customers without lifting a finger!

Staying in contact with your customers has never been so important, now you can with very little effort, and at a time that really counts.

WOFPlus reminders include all your company's details and a message that can be edited by you at anytime. This is a great way for you to offer new specials and incentives, or just write a friendly note.

Without you lifting a finger, your reminders are automatically sent via Post, however they can also be sent by e-mail or text message by simply entering the destination - it's your choice.

Ensure your customers keep coming back to you and sign up to MotorWeb's WOFPlus reminder service today!

Phone us on 0800 668 679 for more details.

WOFPlus™ - let technology do the talking...